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January 23, 2011

An afternoon of traditional music and song
featuring new and talented Newfoundland artists
and a special performance by the YFATH All-Stars!

hosted by
Jordan Chafe and Fergus O'Byrne

in order of appearance
 (click band name for an enlarged photo)

photo by Rick West
The Bluefoundlanders
Kristina Bernardo
Jacqueline Redmond
Jenna Maloney
Christopher Fitzgerald
Mollie Seward

photo by Rick West

Code of Conduct
Michael Scheeler-Breen
Chelsea Parsons
Sarah Harris
Michaelea Silver

photo by Rick West

Gotta Have a Hat
Leslie Amminson
Morgan Seward
Keana Bernardo
Joshua Hartery

photo by Rick West

The Red Shoe Boxes
Tiana Parker
Monica Blake
Rosemary Lawton
William Corbett
Tamsyn Russell

Intermission (15 minutes)
photo by Rick West

Featuring the Rest of 'Em
Ellen Power
Bryan Snow
Mallory Seward
Keely Boland
Tyler Kalbfleisch

photo by Rick West

Everyone Knows a Donut is a Circle
Naomi Russell
Sean Ploughman
Noah French
Katrina Boland
Megan Kalbfleish

Special Guests: YFATH ALL STARS

All-hands Finale

Many thanks to: Fergus O'Byrne (Host and Co-ordinator); Jordan Chafe (Host ); Keana Bernardo, Emilia Bartellas, Fergus Brown-O’Byrne, Duncan Cameron, Jordan Chafe, Danny Mills & Peter Mills (Workshop Facilitators); Erin McArthur (poster & program design); Rick West (website/band photos); Fergus Brown-O'Byrne & Roger Lockyer (backstage); John Clarke (events coordinator); Tony Batten (sound technician); Tracy Waddleton (FAS office); Irene Brown (certificates); VOCM, VOWR, CBC, NTV, Rogers Cable, Quik Print, The Newfoundland Herald, The Telegram and Holy Cross Elementary School.

The Folk Arts Society is delighted to present the 10th Anniversary Concert of the Young Folk at the Hall program, an idea that came into being through the efforts and passion of Fergus O’Byrne. Over the past ten years we have seen dozens of young people come together to experience the joy of making music with others, not only in St. John’s but also in communities throughout the province. Some of them returned year after year until they became mentors themselves, helping younger folk gain the confidence to engage in public performance. One of the most important goals of the Folk Arts Society is to provide opportunities for our intangible cultural heritage to be passed to successive generation and Young Folk at the Hall is an outstanding example of this effort. Congratulations to Fergus and a large vote of thanks for all the work he has undertaken and the time he has dedicated to Young Folk at the Hall in the past ten years!


Download the Poster !               Concert Photos by Renee Parsons

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